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About Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry provides its students with the latest scientific knowledge, technology, innovative mind thinking approach and guidance which they embark upon in their careers. Our department believes in nurturing the students, and helping them to develop advanced skills to be life-long learners in their respective fields.

The department offers various undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in Chemistry. Also, it is highly active in the diverse areas of research (specialized and interdisciplinary areas).

Consisting of highly skilled faculty and equipped with high profile instruments, the department puts great efforts in bringing out the best out of its students.




Our Vision

“ The Department has a vision to graduate admitted students as life-long learners and leaders in the diverse Chemistry programs. ”


Our Mission
Department of Chemistry of the School of Technology offers well-designed program curricula to provide in-depth knowledge related to the application of Chemical Sciences and inculcate scientific temper to students interested in the Engineering and Technology.

In order to contribute and to provide assistance to PDEU to achieve its mission of academic excellence, the program integrates a judiciously-designed comprehensive curriculum and a research module for a sound academic, professional, and personal development of students.


Head of the Department

Dr. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Phone: 079-23275440

Dr Rajib Bandyopadhyay has been working in the School of Technology since October 2010. He received his PhD degree from National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune in 1997. Later he did postdoctoral research in Japan (NEDO and JSPS Fellow) for four years followed by Germany (Alexander von Humboldt Fellow). Before joining PDEU, Dr Bandyopadhyay worked in senior management position in the R&D sectors of various multinational companies including Sud-Chemie, Owens Corning and Sika. He has more than 35 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and book chapters. He also regularly reviews journal papers from Elsevier and other publishers. He is a life member of International Zeolite Association.


Contact Us

Department of Chemistry

School of Technology
Pandit Deendayal Energy University,
Raisan, Gandhinagar - 382007
Gujarat, India
Phone Number: +91 79 23275440
Fax Number: +91 79 23275030


Course Curriculum- Chemistry

The department aims to provide in depth and integrated knowledge in various sub-disciplines of Chemistry. The graduate and post-graduate programs are especially designed to produce future ready minds for research and innovation that would cater to societal needs.

Course Structure for B.Tech.


Course Code Course Name
SC-101T Chemistry
SC-101P Chemistry Practical


Course Structure for B.Sc. (Hons.)


Course Code Course Name
SC-101 Chemistry –I
SC-101P Chemistry –I Practical


Course Code Course Name
SC-201 Chemistry II
SC-201P Chemistry –II Practical
SC-203E Introduction to Biochemistry



Course Code Course Name
SC-301T Thermodynamics
SC-302T Chemistry –III
SC-302P Chemistry-III Lab
SC-304 Modern methods of water treatment


Course Code Course Name
SC-401 Analytical chemistry
SC-402 Polymers
SC-403 Materials Chemistry
SC-401P Analytical Chemistry-I Lab



Course Code Course Name
SC-501 Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis
SC-502 Liquid State and Ionic Equilibrium
SC-501P Inorganic Chemistry Lab – I
SC-502P Organic Chemistry Lab – I
SC-503 T Oxygen Containing Functional Groups
SC-504 Coordination Chemistry
SC-505 Green Chemistry (Elective)


Course Code Course Name
SC-601 Spectroscopy & Photochemistry
SC-601P Physical Chemistry Lab – I
SC-602 Heterocyclic and Stereo chemistry
SC-602P Organic Chemistry Lab -II
SC-603T Electrochemistry
SC-604 Group Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry
SC-605E Petroleum Chemistry (Elective)
SC-606E Chemistry of Paints and Dyes (Elective)
SC-608E Chemistry of Cosmetics and Perfumes (Elective)
SC-609E Introduction to Fuel Cell Science and Technology



Course Code Course Name
SC-701 Nano chemistry
SC-702 Advance Spectroscopy
SC-703 Name Reaction & Reagents
SC-703P Organic chemistry lab-III
SC-704P Inorganic Chemistry Lab-2
SC-705E Computer Applications in Chemistry (Elective)
SC-706E Heterogeneous Catalysis (Elective)
SC-707E Supramolecular Chemistry(Elective)


Course Code Course Name
SC-801 Natural Products
SC-802 Analytical Methods and Equipments


Course Curriculum- Chemistry

Course Structure for M.Sc.


Course Code Course Name
20MSC501T Organic Chemistry I
20MSC502T Inorganic Chemistry I
20MSC503T Physical Chemistry-I
20MSC504T Analytical Chemistry I
20MSC501P Organic Chemistry I Practical
20MSC502P Inorganic Chemistry I Practical
20MSC503P Physical Chemistry-I Practical
20MSC504P Analytical Chemistry I Practical
20MSC505T Environmental and Green chemistry


Course Code Course Name
20MSC506T Organic Chemistry II
20MSC507T Inorganic Chemistry II
20MSC508T Physical Chemistry-II
20MSC509T Analytical Chemistry II
20MSC510T Theoretical & Computational Chemistry
20MSC506P Organic Chemistry II Practical
20MSC507P Inorganic Chemistry II Practical
20MSC508P Physical Chemistry-II Practical
20MSC509P Analytical Chemistry II Practical
20MSC510P Theoretical & Computational Chemistry Practical



Course Code Course Name
- Stream Elective-I
- Stream Elective-II
- Stream Elective-III
- Stream Elective-IV
- Stream Elective-V
- Stream Elective Lab
20RM601T Research Methodology
20MSC625 Research Project Phase I


Course Code Course Name
20MSC626 Research Project (Experiment, Dissertation & Seminar)


Stream Electives


Sr. No. Course Code Course Name
I 20MSC601T Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy
II 20MSC602T Advanced Instrumental Techniques-II
III 20MSC603T Electro Analytical and Radio Analytical Methods of Analysis
IV 20MSC604T Method Development and Validation
V 20MSC605T Advanced Instrumental Techniques-I



Sr. No. Course Code Course Name
I 20MSC606T Chemical Biology
II 20MSC607T Medicinal Chemistry-I
III 20MSC608T Medicinal Chemistry-II
IV 20MSC609T Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry
V 20MSC610T Formulation Development



Sr. No. Course Code Course Name
I 20MSC611T Paints, Pigments & Cosmetics
II 20MSC612T Polymer Chemistry & Composite Materials
III 20MSC613T Materials & Nano Chemistry
IV 20MSC614T Fine Chemicals (Petrochemicals, Oil, Soap & Pesticides)
V 20MSC615T Petroleum Chemistry & Catalysis



Sr. No. Course Code Course Name
I 20MSC616T Reagents & Organic Synthesis
II 20MSC617T Stereochemistry & Photochemistry
III 20MSC618T Heterocycles & Vitamins
IV 20MSC619T Chemistry of Natural Products
V 20MSC620T Asymmetric Synthesis/ Catalysis





  • List of Experiments
    • B.Tech

    • B.Sc.

    • M.Sc.





Research focus

Research Area of Interest:


  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Nanomaterials &Photocatalysis
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Materials for energy storage and conversion
  • Soft Matter
  • Medicinal and Environmental Chemistry
  • Geochemistry
  • Computer Aided Drug Design
  • Asymmetric Synthesis


Research under Ph.D Program

Darshan N Ladva
Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan
Targeting Multidrug Resistant Enterobacteria with Siderophore based Liposomal Antibiotics
Sunita Barot
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Synthesis of porous catalytic materials and their application in transesterification reaction
Riddhi Thaker
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Vapor phase organic reactions over modified zeolites
Sukumar Mandal
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Thermo-catalytic conversion of biomass to biofuels & petrochemical feedstock
Hardik Koshti
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Investigation of hierarchical microporous materials in alkylation reactions
Biswajit Shown
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Studies of the conversion of syngas to oxo-chemicals over modified catalysts
Maaz Nawab
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Synthesis and modification of hierarchical microporous and mesoporous materials and their application in oxidation reactions
Rohit Prajapati
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Synthesis and modification of functional porous materials for industrial application
Sudhirkumar R Patel
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Synthesis of zeolites and mesozeolites for petrochemical applications
Khushbu G Patel
Prof. Nirendra M. Misra
Characterization and application of silica extracted from wheat straw
Rakshith R. Shettigar
Prof. Nirendra M. Misra
Formulations of High Performance Drilling Fluids
Asha Anil
Prof. Nirendra M. Misra
Studies on red clays of Gujarat region for its suitability in vitrified ceramics
Priyank Bhutiya
Prof. Nirendra M. Misra
Extraction, characterization and application of cellulose from seaweeds
Chandrakanth P
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Synthesis and Application of Novel Catalysts and Functional Materials
Maitreyee Trivedi
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Design and synthesis of novel methodology for Triphenylene Derivatives
Jessica Patel
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Development and Application of Novel Fluoranthene Derivative in Organic Photovoltaics
Aayushi Joshi
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Design and synthesis of novel sensing materials
Triparna Chakraborty
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Synthesis of Novel Material for Water and Health application
Maaz Kureshi
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Development of newer synthetic methodologies towards evolution of bioactive heterocyclic compounds and polycyclic hydrocarbons
Nishi Parikh
Dr. Manoj Pandey
Development of novel materials for sensing and photovoltaic applications
Bibhabasu Mohanty
Dr. Anirban Das
Heavy Metals in Soil, Agricultural Product, and in Groundwater from Industrially Contaminated Sites near Ahmedabad City
Shailja Singh
Dr. Anirban Das
Hydrogeochemical and isotopic investigation of Mahi River: Implication to the chemical budget to the Gulf of Khambhat
Reema Mandal
Dr. Anirban Das
Chemical and isotopic investigations of fluoride rich groundwater in selected districts of Gujarat
Vaishali Chauhan
Dr. Anirban Das
Studies on dissolution of a few fluoride minerals, and on adsorbent based defluoridation techniques
Bhooma Bhagat
Dr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee & Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Wet chemical synthesis and modification of metal oxides for the detection of volatile organic compounds
Dashrathbhai Kanzariya
Dr. Tapan Pal & Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Synthesis of metal organic frameworks for potential application
Monika Patel
Dr. Nitin Chaudhari
Development of MXene-based Hybrid-Nanostructured Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
Vipul K Patel
Dr. Balanagulu Busupalli
Chemobrionic architectonics: microscopic structure, dynamics and applications
Mukesh A Khandla
Dr. Ranjan Pati
Synthesis and Characterization of Water Gas Shift (WGS) Catalysts for Fuel Cell Applications
Krunal Parekh
Dr. Syed Shahabuddin
Conducting polymer based composites for reefing used lubricant oil via modified acid clay method
Khyati Mistry
Dr. Prakash Chandra
Applications of Earth-abundant transition metal catalysts for the synthesis of commodity chemicals
Vaibhav Jayantilal Vamja
Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Development of energy efficient solvent for post combustion CO2 capture
Patel Jinalben Rajeshbhai
Dr. Rama Gaur & Dr. Syed Shahabuddin
Carbon Based Materials for Photocatalytic Degradation of Agrochemicals
Nisha P Oad
Dr. Prakash Chandra
Synthesis of Organic-Inorganic Materials for Catalysis and Energy Storage
Stuti Jha
Dr. Rama Gaur & Dr. Syed Shahabuddin
Synthesis and characterization of green Biochar/conducting polymer based nanocomposites for enhanced removal of coloured dyes from industrial waste water
Veena Sodha
Dr. Syed Shahabuddin & Prof. Rajib Bandyopadhyay
Zeolites based nanocomposites for photocatalytic degradation of water pollutants
Prajapati Harsh Kamleshkumar
Dr. Balanagulu Busupalli
Design and Development of polymer embedded nanoparticle-nanofiber composites for wastewater treatment.
Riddhi Samirkumar Patel
Dr. Nitin Chaudhari
Development of Two-Dimension Mxene-Based Hybrid Materoals for water purification.
Ranjit Dandapani Mohili
Dr. Nitin Chaudhari
Development of MXene-Transition Metal based Nanostructures as Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical Water Splitting
Zenab Darban
Dr. Syed Shahabuddin & Dr. Rama Gaur
Hydrogels based adsorbents for removal of heavy metals from waste water.
Mehul Jashvantlal Darji
Dr. Kalisadhan Mukherjee
Studies on oxidation and thermal degradation of novel amine solvent in CO2 capture process.
Kiran Chaudhary
Dr. Ranjan Pati
Role of Ceria on the ionic conductivity of YSZ electrolyte in High Temperature SOFC
Patel Krupa Utpalbhai
Dr. Tapan Pal
The design and synthesis of metal organic framework for sensing application
Sevak Parthkumar Navinkumar
Dr. Manoj Pandey





Visiting Faculty

Shailja Singh

Highest Qualification: M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences); Pursuing Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from PDEU.

Field of Specialization: Geochemical and Isotopic studies in Aquatic system.

Brief Profile:

  • Working in the field of hydrology including geochemical and isotopic investigation.
  • Indulged in teaching B.Sc. (Hons.) under SLS, PDEU, July 2018- till date.
  • The work profile includes taking lectures for the subject ‘Modern Methods of water Treatment’, ‘Introduction to Bio-organic Chemistry/Chemical Biology’, ‘Smart Chemistry in Everyday Life’, and ‘Environmental Chemistry’.
  • Worked as a Teaching Assistant for B.Sc. Chemistry Labs, under SLS, PDPU -July 2017- Dec 2018.
  • Worked as a Project Assistant (Hazardous Waste Management Cell) at GPCB, Gandhinagar, August 2014-November 2015.




Dr. Vasudev Trivedi
Contact: 079-2327-5045



Ph.D Students

Mr. Maaz Kureshi

Mr. Sukumar Mandal
13RSC003 (Part time)

Bibhabasu Bijaya Kumar Mohanty
14RSC01P (Part time)


Biswajit Shown
17RSC001 (Part time)

Bhooma Bhagat

Dashrath Kanzariya


Hardik Koshti

Nishi Parikh

Triparna Chakroborty


Aayushi Joshi

Darshan Ladva

Khyati Mistry


Krunal Parekh

Monica Patel

Mukesh Khandla


Rohit Prajapati

Sudhir Patel
20RCY010 (Part time)

Vaishali Chauhan


Vipul Patel

Jinalben Patel

Vaibhav Vamja


Stuti Jha

Nisha P Oad

Veena Sodha


Harsh Prajapati

Riddhi Patel

Ranjit Mohili


Parthkumar Sevak

Mehul Darji

Zenab Darban


Krupa Patel

Kiran Chaudhary



M.Sc. Students (2020-2022)

Nikunj Vagadiya

Jeny Gosai

Mohil Odedara


Rushik Radadiya

Rohit Lakhani

Saurav Kotadiya


Nasit Hardik Ashokbhai

Jaydeep Chauhan




M.Sc. Students (2021-2023)

Krunal Baria

Bharvi Desai

Karan Panchal


Khushali Ramoliya

Nisarg Rana

Aditi Thaker


Dhwani Vara

Preet Doshi

Parth Panara



Hardik Patel

Yash Patel

Krupa Sherasiya



Vishva Dave





B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry: Graduated@2022

Rushi Sutariya
Project: Studies on ethyl acetate as raw material in pharmaceutical industry

Gayatri Dama
Project: Synthesis of Pin/Cu-MoS2 electrode material for energy storage application

Richa Patel
Project: Molecular docking in drug design


Parth Thakkar
Project: Towards recycling of cathode & anode active materials from waste Lithium-Ion batteries

Hemendra Raol
Project: Synthesis & characterization of MAX-CdS nanocomposite as an effective photocatalyst for the degradation of toxic industrial dyes

Tirth Manavadaria
Project: Pharmacophore modeling in drug design


Nishtha Patel
Project: Synthesis of metal organic framework for potential application in pesticide sensing

Aastha Shukla
Project: synthesis and characterization of carbon spheres towards development of solar thermal water evaporation systems

Yashrajsinh Matroja
Project: Hydrothermal synthesis of mixed 1T-2H phase MoS2 nano-flowers for lubricants


Jay Patel
Project: Waste water treatment photocatalysis by conducting polymer-based material

Harsh Raiyani
Project: Selective oxidation of ethylbenzene to acetophenone by using CuO/Al2O3 as effective catalyst

Manan Patel
Project: Two-Dimensional transition metal Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes) for electrochemical water splitting


Dhruti Patel
Project: Synthesis of small molecules for potential biological applications

Shreya Paneliya
Project: Electrochemistry- Nanomaterials for energy storage (sodium ion-battery)/hydrogen generation/sensing

Meshwa Shah
Project: studies on charge transfer characteristics of PANI-MoS2 nanocompsites and their electrochemical response in presence of urea


Shivek Bhardwaj
Project: Use of Cucurbituril (CB) material for water treatment

Sudhanshu Sharma
Project: Development of optical chemo-sensors for the detection of toxic ions in water

Drashti Kamol
Project: Synthesis of calcia stabilized zirconia as electrolyte material for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)


Gunjan Oshin
Project: Synthesis of magnesia stabilized zirconia electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)

Devansh Kedia
Project: Catalysis-Catalytic benzyl alcohol oxidation by using CuO/TiO2 as catalyst

Vivek Jain
Project: Refining process of used motor oil


Bhavik Patel
Project: Polyaniline/sodium alginate (PANI/SA) composites as an efficient adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals from the contaminated wastewater

Heena Shekhawat
Project: Self-replicating liquid droplets

Khushbu Patel
Project: Rich droplet chemistry at the air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces


B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry: Graduated@2021
Student Name
Purva patel Shivangi Gajera
Rasi Vaidya Jay Parsana
Anjali Khandelwal Viraj kansagara
Sudhanshu Bhatt Bhargav Nandasana
Chinar Patel Raulji Tirthraj Kalyansinh
Rudranshi Joshi Krupa Sherasiya
Delwadiya Vivek Dharmendra Hetvi Patel
Abhishek Rupareliya Kondhiya Hetvi pareshbhai
Prey Naik Shruti Hiteshkumar Patel
Digvijay Riti Shrivastava
Chahna Sakhiya Abhishek Bhalodiya


B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry: Graduated@2020
Student Name
Abhishek Vaghasiya
Ajaysinh Rajput
Harsh Ramani
Kajal Patel
Khushali Patel
Mauli Mehta
Meet Patel
Radadia Vrushil‎
Rahul Patni
Ravikumar Ponkiya
Rudra Desai
Shaunak Bhimani
Vrajrajsinh Jadeja


M.Sc. in Chemistry@2022

Hardik Nasit
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Copper nanocatalysts prepared by resin burn technique for peroxide mediated benzyl chloride oxidation
Project Supervisor: Dr. Prakash Chandra

Rohit Lakhani
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Copper oxide nano catalysts prepared by reverse micelle for inert C(sp3)-H bond activation/oxidation
Project Supervisor: Dr. Prakash Chandra

Nikunj Vagadiya
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Azomethine derivatives for optical sensing and biological applications
Project Supervisor: Dr. Nandini Mukherjee


Mohil Odedara
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Design and synthesis of molecular probes for imaging applications
Project Supervisor: Dr. Nandini Mukherjee

Rushik Radadiya
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Chemical depolymerisation of waste PET bottles
Project Supervisor: Dr. Rama Gaur

Saurav Kotadiya
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Removal of Industrial dye using cost effective biochar as adsorbents derived from Mausambi Peel
Project Supervisor: Dr. Rama Gaur


Jeny Gosai
Specialization: Industrial Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Development of 2D MXene by HF-free approach for Memristor device
Project Supervisor: Dr. Nitin Chaudhari

Jaydeep Chauhan
Specialization: Industrial Chemistry
Email ID:
Project: Conducting polymer based nanocomposite for waste water treatment
Project Supervisor: Dr. Syed Shahabuddin



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