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SOT At A Glance

School of Technology intends to focus on technological education, research and service that anticipates, and meets, the need of tomorrow’s world. It is expected that engineering graduates from School of Technology will care about issues that technology can make difference whether these issues are health, security, economic well-being or sustainability of world and values.

The School is to provide national and international Undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral education. The graduate engineers from the School will strive to identify research that addresses the big challenges in the world. The school will adopt a discovery to educational philosophy using basic research and the discovery as the foundation and then translate this research into useful application to benefit society as a whole. With this consideration the School further desires to offer in future the Programmes.

The School of Technology at this juncture will not only expand the activities of University but it will also rationalize the infrastructure usage as well as provide opportunity to the larger mass of faculty to pursue research and innovation in the various spheres of Engineering. The courses offered at the School of Technology will also generate additional revenue which shall reduce the bridge from revenue deficit to take the University towards self-financed mode.


To be an internationally renowned and respected institution imparting excellent education and training based upon the foundation of futuristic research and innovations in the broad context of business and specific to energy & infrastructure sector.