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Ph.D. Admissions


Ph.D. Research Projects for Electrical Engineering:

  • Power System Protection
  • Generation & Transmission Planning
  • Integration issues of renewable energy sources with Grid
  • Distributed Generation: Protection, Stability & Control
  • Power Quality : Issues & Mitigation Techniques
  • Distribution System Management
  • Power System Automation & Control
  • Wide Area Measurements and application of the same to mitigate Protection, Stability & control issues
  • Micro-grids, Smart Grid and related issues
  • Power System Security Assessment & Enhancement / Improvement of System Security
  • Use of analytics for efficient operation of Power System

Ph.D. Research Projects For Chemical Engineering:

  • CFD modelling of multi phase flows in industrial cyclones and fluidized bed
  • Advanced water treatment technology for removal of fluoride in water
  • Development of nano-materials for the enhance fuel efficiency
  • Studies on Bio-diesel production using process intensification techniques
  • Experimental and modelling studies on hydrocarbon steam cracking
  • Development of novel ionic liquids for cleaner production
  • Design and development of novel membrane based water purification system
  • Modelling of amine based carbon sequestration techniques

Ph.D. Research Projects For Environmental Engineering:

  • Application of Numeric Modelling and Remote Sensing for Urban Air Quality Assessment and forecasting - Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Big Data Application for Environmental Management - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
  • Urban Heat Island effect for Ahmedabad city: Modelling, Mapping and Mitigation - Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Sick Building Syndrome: Modelling and Monitoring Indoor Air Quality - Stanford University
  • Urban Climate Modelling - Auburn University (AU)
  • Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment through multiple techniques - Gujarat Environment Management Institute (GEMI)
  • Designing Bio-reactors for effective solid waste management - National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)
  • Low cost techniques for removal of Arsenic from Ground Water - National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)
  • Application of Geoinformatics for assessing the impact of Canal Network on agricultural productivity - Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications & Geo-informatics (BISAG)
  • Solid Waste Management: Policy Framework to Community Engagement - Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)
  • Environmental Sustainability - American State University (ASU)
  • Waste-water Treatment using natural coagulants - National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

Ph.D. Research Projects For Civil Engineering:

  • Risk Based Building Information Modelling for Mass Rapid Transit System Projects
  • Development of Multivariate Tools for Quality Monitoring of Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Integrated BIM and Cloud Model for Smart City Projects
  • Development of Integrated BIM and IPD Model for Infrastructure Transportation Projects
  • Utilization of plastic waste and monitoring the quality pavements in collaboration with Road and Building Department, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Strength Forecasting of Ready Mixed Concrete through Time Series Analysis
  • Critical Chain Project Management for Infrastructure Transportation Projects
  • Building Information Modelling for Infrastructure Projects
  • Building Information Modelling for Commercial Projects of Ahmedabad
  • Development of Integrated Project Delivery Model for infrastructure Projects
  • Development of Lean Management Model for Highway Projects
  • Social Cost Benefit Analysis for Transportation Projects
  • Life Cycle Costing Analysis for Bridge Projects
  • Clean Development Mechanism for Metro Rail Projects
  • Dispatching Schedule Sequencing for Commercial Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plants
  • Cloud Computing Model for Smart City Projects
  • Critical Success Factors for Development of Smart City Projects
  • Development of Project Risk Management Model for Sustainable Smart City Project
  • Utilization of plastic waste in the pavements- in collaboration with Road and Building Department, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Evaluation of Seismic Risk – In Collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Evaluation of Seismic Hazards for the future Smart cities - In Collaboration with Institute of Seismological Research, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Liquefaction Hazard Assessment - In Collaboration with M/s. KCT Consultancy Services
  • Geotechnical Characterization for Gujarat Using Geographical Information System - In Collaboration with M/s. KCT Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad

Ph.D. Research Projects For Mechanical Engineering:

  • Friction Stir Welding and Laser welding of P19 and LAFM steels - Naval Material Research Lab, DRDO, Ambernath.
  • Friction stir Welding of AA7004 Material for defence application - L & T, Pune
  • Development of flux assisted Laser Beam Welding process - Magod Fusion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (MFTPL), Pune
  • Super plasticity effect in friction welding blanks of cutting tools - Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune
  • Ultrasonic welding of dissimilar/similar metals for various surface conditions - Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd., Gandhinagar
  • Effect of Electroless nickel plating and hard chrome coating on life RSW electrode. -Apex Industries, Gandhinagar
  • Development of various Industrial coasting - Apex Industries, Gandhinagar
  • Application of Cold metal transfer for dissimilar metal joining and additive manufacturing - M/s Fronius India Pvt ltd, Pune
  • Development of full penetration CuOF to CuOF welding by GTAW for Neutral Beam Accelerator grid base plate to hydraulic piping connection - ITER INDIA
  • Assessment of wind and wave energy along Indian coastal religion using space based microwave radars - ISRO
  • Water desalinization techniques-DST
  • Bio-diesel production techniques-GEDA

Ph.D. Research Projects For Solar Engineering:

  • Inexpensive semiconductors for thin film solar cells: Non vacuum based technologies
  • Eradication of degradation of Silicon PV modules using nanotechnology
  • Solar photocatlytic waste water treatment
  • Dynamics of electron transfer for thin film devices
  • Electrical properties of 2D materials for optoelectronic devices
  • Development of solid state electrolyte for fuel cells
  • Graphene based composite for energy storage application: For batteries & supercapacitors
  • Development of nanostructured oxides: Application in Schottky junction devices and efficient hydrogen generation (water splitting)

Ph.D. Research Projects for Computer Science and Engineering & Information and Communication Technology (ICT) :

  • Advanced Urban Public Transportation System as Principal Investigator
  • Spectral Discrimination and Separability Analysis of Crops and Weeds Using Deep Learning Techniques
  • Land-Cover Classification of Polarimetric SAR Image/Data for Agricultural and Urban Region
  • Compact Circularly Polarised Microstrip antenna for IoT Applications
  • Improving speech quality and intelligibility in digital hearing aids
  • CyberHealth-A Novel Framework for Secure Medical Cyber Physical Systems with Reduced Overhead
  • Multi-modal design of an Intelligent Transportation System