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Academic Programs

About Department of Physics

Department of Physics provides its students with the latest scientific knowledge, technology, innovative thinking approach and guidance which they embark upon in their careers. Our department believes in nurturing the students, and helping them to develop advanced skills to be life-long learners in their respective fields.

The department offers various undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in Physics. Also, it is highly active in the diverse areas of research (specialized and interdisciplinary areas).

Consisting of highly skilled faculty and equipped with high profile instruments, the department puts great efforts in bringing out the best out of its students.




Our Vision

“ The Department has a vision to graduate admitted students as life-long learners and leaders in the diverse Physics programs. ”


Our Mission
Department of Physics of the School of Technology offers well-designed program curricula to provide in-depth knowledge related to the application of Physical Sciences and inculcate scientific temper to students interested in the Engineering and Technology.

In order to contribute and to provide assistance to PDEU to achieve its mission of academic excellence, the program integrates a judiciously-designed comprehensive curriculum and a research module for a sound academic, professional, and personal development of students.


Head of the Department

Dr Satyam Mahendrarao Shinde
Phone: 079-23275438

Dr. Satyam Shinde has joined PDEU in April, 2011. Before that he was associated with Nirma University, Ahmedabad since 2005.He received his Ph. D from M. S University of Baroda in 2006. He has published several research papers in reputed journals and attended international conferences. He is also reviewer of some of the reputed journals.


Contact Us

Department of Physics

School of Technology
Pandit Deendayal Energy University,
Raisan, Gandhinagar - 382007
Gujarat, India
Phone Number: +91 79 23275438
Fax Number: +91 79 23275030


Course Curriculum

The department aims to provide in depth and integrated knowledge in various sub-disciplines of Physics. The graduate and post-graduate programs are especially designed to produce future ready minds for research and innovation that would cater to societal needs.

Course Structure for B.Tech.


Course Code Course Name
PH-102T Engineering Physics
PH-102P Engineering Physics Practical


Course Structure for B.Sc. (Hons.)


Course Code Course Name
16BSP101T University Physics – I
16BSP101P University Physics – I Lab


Course Code Course Name
16BSP201T University Physics – II
16BSP201P University Physics – II Lab
16BSP202T Mechanics
16BSP203T Elements of Environmental Studies



Course Code Course Name
17BSP301T Waves and Optics
17BSP302T Electricity and magnetism
17BSP302P Electricity and Magnetism Lab
17BSP304T Introduction to Modern Physics
17BSP305T Introduction to Geo-Informatics


Course Code Course Name
17BSP401T Mathematical Physics
17BSP402T Heat and Thermodynamics
17BSP403T Material science
17BSP403P Material Science Lab
17BSP404T Physics Elective-2- Time series analysis
17BSP405T Physics Subsidiary- Structure and Properties of Materials



Course Code Course Name
18BSP501T Atomic and Molecular Physics
18BSP502T Solid state physics
18BSP502P Solid state physics laboratory
18BSP503T Classical Mechanics
18BSP504T Electromagnetic Theory
18BSP505T Nuclear and Particle Physics
18BSP505P Nuclear and Particle Physics Lab
18BSP506T Introduction to Biophysics


Course Code Course Name
18BSP601T Statistical Mechanics
18BSP602T Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
18BSP603T Basic Electronics
18BSP603P Electronics Lab
18BSP604T Fundamental of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change
18BSP604P Atmospheric Science and Remote Sensing Lab
18BSP605T Laser and Applications
18BSP607T Introduction to Plasma Physics



Course Code Course Name
19BSP701T Mathematical Physics – 2
19BSP701P C Programming lab
19BSP702T Introduction to Nanomaterials
19BSP703T Measurements, Instrumentation and Control
19BSP703P Measurements, Instrumentation and Control Lab
19BSP704T Renewable Energy And Energy Harvesting
19BSP706T Elementary study of Bioinformatics


Course Code Course Name
19BSP801T Experimental Techniques
19BSP802T Vacuum Science and Cryogenics
19BSP803 Major Project


Course Curriculum

Course Structure for M.Sc.


Course Code Course Name
21MSP501T Classical Mechanics
21MSP502T Mathematical Physics
21MSP503T Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
21MSP504T Solid State Physics
21MSP504P Solid State Physics Laboratory
21MSP505T Numerical Methods & Computer Programming
21MSP506P Computer Programming Lab
21MSP507T Atomic & Molecular Physics


Course Code Course Name
21MSP508T Quantum Mechanics
21MSP509T Nuclear and Particle Physics
21MSP509P Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory
21MSP510T Classical Electrodynamics & Basic Plasma Physics
21MSP511T Basic electronics and Instrumentation
21MSP511P Basic electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory
21MSP512T LASER Physics and Spectroscopy



Course Code Course Name
SC 615 Project work, presentation, Viva voice and dissertation


Specialization options

Sr. No. Course Name
I Advanced Fabrication and Experimental Techniques
II Renewable Energy Resources
III Advanced Condensed Matter Physics
IV Atmospheric Physics and Oceanography
V Renewable Electronics




B.Tech. Engineering Physics Laboratory curriculum:


Course Code Course Name
PH-102P Engineering Physics Practical

B.Sc. Physics Laboratory curriculum:


Course Code Course Name
16BSP101P University Physics – I Lab


Course Code Course Name
16BSP201P University Physics – II Lab


Course Code Course Name
17BSP302P Electricity and Magnetism Lab


Course Code Course Name
17BSP403P Material Science Lab


Course Code Course Name
18BSP505P Nuclear and Particle Physics Lab


Course Code Course Name
18BSP604P Atmospheric Science and Remote Sensing Lab


Course Code Course Name
19BSP703P Measurements, Instrumentation and Control Lab

M.Sc. Physics Laboratory curriculum:


Course Code Course Name
SC 504P Solid State Physics Laboratory


Course Code Course Name
20MSP510P Electronics Laboratory




Research focus

Research Area of Interest:


  • Non-linear optical materials
  • Bio-Materials
  • Flexible Electronics, Memristor, Synapses, Perovskite Solar Cells, Light Emitting Diodes
  • Thin Films for Opto-electronic Devices
  • Hybrid Electronic Materials and Devices
  • Transparent Conduction Oxide
  • Computational Material Science
  • Plasma Physics and applications.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change and Disaster Management
  • Magnetic properties and material
  • Laser and Photonics
  • Thermoelectric materials, thin Film transistor and Transparent oxide semiconductor
  • Experimental Nuclear Physics


Research Projects

Ongoing Projects
Sr. No. Name of PI Name of Co PI(s) Title of Project Funding Agency Duration Amount (lakhs) Starting Date
1 Dr. Ankur Solanki Dr. Mohendra Roy & Dr. Prahlad Baruah Development of flexible memristor devices for high density data storage and neuromorphic computation SERB-CRG 3 Years 72.25 April, 2021
2 Dr. Pavan Gurrala Dr. Brijesh Tripathi, Dr. Sheetal Rawat & Dr. Manoj Kumar 3D printing of organic-inorganic composite scintillation detectors BRNS 3 Years 28.5 Nov, 2021
3 Dr. Ankur Solanki Dr. Rohit Srivastava (SPT) & Dr. Mohendra Roy Development of flexible memristor devices on paper substrate for data storage and neuromorphic computation GUJCOST 3 Years 37.50 June, 2022
4 Dr. Ankur Solanki NA Development of Perovskite based Memristor Devices PDEU 2.5 Years 10 Nov, 2019
5 Dr. Anup Sanchela NA To develop homemade thermopower and resistivity measurement set up PDEU 2 Years 10 Oct, 2020
6 Dr. Rohit Srivastava NA Study of heterogeneous patterns with the Study of heterogeneous precipitation patterns with the help of aerosol - cloud properties: Focus on western India and Arabian Sea SERB, DST 3 Years 20.7 Aug, 2019
7 Dr. Balamurali Krishna Mayya K. Prof. Joydeep Ghosh, IPR, Gandhinagar Design and Development of High Resolution Spectroscopic Diagnostics for ADITYA-U/SST-1 Tokamaks BRNS 3 Years 32 March, 2016




Reasarch under Ph.D. program





Visiting Faculty

Dr. Ruchita Shah

Mobile: +91-9426254001

Course Taught: Fundamental of Atmospheric Sciences and climate change and Science in everyday life.

Research area of interest: Cloud microphysics, modeling climatic variables, cloud formation processes, regional climate variability, upper level ocean-surface interaction, surface-atmosphere interaction and monsoon dynamics.


  • Ph. D. (Physics), Department of Physics, School of Technology, PDEU, Gujarat, India - 2021
  • M. Sc. (Physics), Department of Science, School of Technology, PDPU, Gujarat, India- 2015
  • B. Sc. (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), Department of Physics & Electronics, St. Xavier’s College, Gujarat, India - 2013


Dr. Parth Mehta

Mobile: +91-8140558925

Course Taught: Computer Programming - Lab

Research area of interest: Mathematical Modelling | Continuum Mechanics | Functionally Graded Materials | Topology | Global Positioning System and Celestial Mechanics | Applied Mathematics


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mathematics 2015 - 2020 Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar.
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Mathematics 2013 - 2015 Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhinagar.
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mathematics 2008 - 2011 M.G. Science Institute, Ahmedabad.


Mr. Abhinav Mehta

Mobile: +91-9898120110

Course Taught: Introduction to Geo-informatics (Physics Elective-I)


  • Research Scholar (PhD Pursuing) Oct 2017-Till date Dept of Earth Sciences, Gujarat University-Ahmedabad
  • M.Sc (Geoinformatics) July 2009 — May 2011, Birla Institute of Technology-Mesra (Ranchi)
  • B.Sc (Environmental Science) June 2006 — May 2009, Sardar Patel University- Anand (Gujarat) Sardar Patel University-Gujarat


Dr. Gurudatt Gaur

Mobile: +91 95376 72348

Course Taught: Nuclear and Particle Physics


  • Ph.D. Physics Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, India (July 2013).
  • M.Sc. Physics, First Class, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India (2005).
  • B.Sc. (Honors) Physics, First Class, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India (2003).


Dr. Chitan Pathak

Mobile: +91-7574855063 , +91-9428422179

Course Taught: Science in everyday life

Research area of interest: Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement and Disaster Risk Management


  • Ph.D. Pandit Deendayal Energy University - 2013
  • M.Sc. Environmental Sciences Bharati Vidyapeeth University - 2007.
  • B.Sc. (Environmental Sciences) The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda - 2005
  • P.G. Diploma in Disaster Management IGNOU - 2021


Dr. Amrita Jaitawat

Mobile: +91-9461196735

Course Taught: Introduction to Bio- Physics and Introduction to Bio-informatics


  • Ph.D. Mohal Lal Sukhadiya University (MLSU) 2017
  • M.SC. Mohal Lal Sukhadiya University (MLSU) 2012
  • B.SC. Mohal Lal Sukhadiya University (MLSU) 2010

Ph.D. students

Sr. No. Name of the Student Joining Year Name of the supervisor/s Title/area of the doctoral study Status of the study
1 Dr. Pratik Patel 2016 Dr. Satyam Shinde First Principle Investigations of Heusler compounds Completed
2 Ms. Jalaja Pandya 2018 Dr. Satyam Shinde Quantum Chemical Investigation Of Cucurbitural For Drug Delivery And Biosensing Applications Ongoing
3 Ms. Grishma Pindolia 2021 Dr. Satyam Shinde Investigation Of Perovskite Materials For Energy Conversion, Harvesting And Storage Applications Ongoing
4 Ms. Ruchita Shah 2021 Dr. Rohit Srivastava Investigation of Cloud Microphysical Properties over India and Adjoining Oceanic Regions Completed
5 Ms. Dency V Panicker 2020 Dr. Rohit Srivastava Study on the effect of changing atmosphere on cryosphere Ongoing
6 Muskan Jain 2021 Dr. Ankur Solanki/Dr. Mohendra Roy Hybrid Perovskite based Flexible Artificial Synapses Ongoing
7 Mansi Patel 2021 Dr. Ankur Solanki / Dr. Brijesh Tripathi Development of flexible memristor devices Ongoing
8 Manish Khemnani 2021 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi/ Dr. Ankur Solanki Hybrid Perovskite based Flexible Solar Cells Ongoing
9 Mitesh Soanki 2013 Dr. Bharatkumar Parekh/Dr. Satyam Shinde (Co-supervisor) Experimental and Theoretical Study of Non-linear Optical Material Crystals Thesis Submitted
10 Ms. Hiral Raval 2015 Dr. Bharatkumar Parekh Growth and Characterization of Imidazole and its derivatives with L-tartaric acid for nonlinear applications. Synopsis Submitted
11 Mr. Parth Raval 2018 Dr. Bharatkumar Parekh Growth & Cereteration of organic non linear optical material crystals for NLO applications Onging
12 Dr. Ms. Zeel P. Purohit (15RSC009) 2015 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi & Prof. Dr. Ir. Michael DAENEN (University of Hasselt) Performance evaluation of c-Si and CIGS solar cells subjected to Potential induced Degradation (PID) Completed
13 Dr. Mihirsinh Chauhan 2015 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi & Prof. Dr. Anna Kohler & Dr. Jeffrey Mativetsky Investigating Opto-electronic properties of organic and perovskite solar cells Completed
14 Dr. Ms. Jessica Patel (15RSC004) 2015 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi (Co-supervisor) & Dr. Manoj K Pandey Development and application of novel fluoranthene derivatives in organic photovoltaics Completed
15 Dr. Mrs. Vima Mali (17RSE002) 2017 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi & Dr. Omkar Jani Study of supercapacitor based hybrid energy storage system for electric vehicles application Completed
16 Mr. Ali Abed Alhamid Moulhim (18RSC005) 2018 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi & Dr. Manoj Kumar Nonequilibrium Diagram Technique for analyzing quantum transport in Nano-Electronic Devices Ongoing
17 Ms. Yeshaben Hiteshkumar Sharma (21RPH002) 2021 Dr. Brijesh Tripathi & Dr. Ramesh Guduru Li-ion battery recycling Ongoing
18 Divya N. Pandya 2021 Dr. Sheetal Rawat & Dr. Brijesh Tripathi Study of scintillators for nuclear battery application Ongoing
19 Nisha P. Oad 2021 Dr. Prakash Chandra & Dr. Sheetal Rawat (co-guide) Synthesis of Organic-inorganic hybrid materials for energy storage and catalysis Ongoing
20 Mr. Chandrababu Badampudi 2021 Dr. Anup V. Sanchela Study of electrical and thermal properties of wide band gap transperent oxide semiconductor Ongoing
21 Darshan Purohit 2021 Dr. Manoj Kumar Electrical and optical characterisation of advanced pervoskite photovoltaic materials Ongoing
22 Kavil Mehta 2020 Dr. Prahlad Kumar Baruah Time-resolved investigation of the dynamics associated with laser ablation in liquid for efficient synthesis of nanoparticles and its applications Ongoing
23 Darshitsinh R Parmar 2021 Dr. Prahlad Kumar Baruah & Dr. Rohit Srivastava (Co-supervisor) Laser Based Investigation Techniques For Aerosol Analysis & Environmental Applications Ongoing





Mr. Dhaval Santola
Contact: 079-2327-5048



Sr. No. PassPort Size Photo Information
1  Name: Kavil Mehta
 Roll No:20RPH001
 Research Interests (max. 4 words): Laser-produced Plasma, Time resolved investigation techniques, Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid, Cavitation bubble and Shockwaves
 Supervisor :Dr. Prahlad Kumar Baruah
2  Name: Yeshaben Hiteshkumar Sharma
 Roll No:21RPH002
 Research Interests: Electrochemical performance of battery, electrochemical techniques of battery, Material science
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Brijesh tripathi
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Ramesh guduru
3  Name: Darshitsinh R. Parmar
 Roll No:21RPH003
 Research Interests: Laser produced plasma, Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Atmospheric aerosol analysis using LIBS
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Prahlad Kumar Baruah
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Rohit Srivastava
4  Name: Mansi Bharatbhai Patel
 Roll No:21RPH007
 Research Interests: Energy Conversion devices, Multidimensional Perovskites, 2D devices, RS-devices.
 Supervisor : Dr. Ankur Solanki
 Co-Supervisor : Dr. Brijesh Tripathi
5  Name: Divya N. Pandya
 Roll No:21RPH009
 Research Interests: Scintillation detectors, Nano scintillators, Indirect conversion nuclear batteries, 3D printing of scintillators
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Sheetal Rawat
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Brijesh Tripahi
6  Name: Darshankumar M. Purohit
 Roll No:21RPH006
 Research Interests: Thin film devices, Perovskite solar cells, Storage devices, DFT, Electroanalytical characterizations.
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Manoj Kumar
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Pankaj Yadav
7  Name: Manish Khemnani
 Roll No:21RPH005
 Research Interests: Thin film devices, Flexible Perovskite solar cells, Electroanalytical characterizations.
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Brijesh Tripathi
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Ankur Solanki
8  Name: Jalaja Pandya
 Roll No:18RSC004
 Research Interests: Supramolecular Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Density Functional Theory,Drug Delivery.
 Supervisor : Dr. Satyam Shinde
9  Name: Grishma Pindolia
 Roll No:21RPH004
 Research Interests:Perovskite Solar Cells, Density Functional Theory
 Supervisor : Dr. Satyam Shinde
10  Name: Chandra Babu Badampudi
 Roll No:21RPH011
 Research Interests:Thermoelectrics and Transparent conducting oxides
 Supervisor : Dr. Anup V Sanchela
11  Name: Sharvil Patel
 Roll No:19RSC0007
 Thesis Title:Plasma Physics and applications, Magnetohydrodynamics,Tokamak Physics.
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Balamurali Krishna Mayya K.
 Supervisor 2 : Prof. Joydeep Ghosh, IPR, Gandhinagar.
12  Name: Dency V Panicker
 Roll No:20RSC001
 Research Interests:Cryosphere, Ocean - Atmospheric Interactions.
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Rohit Srivastava
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. BhashaVachharajani
13  Name: Anil D Pandya
 Roll No:22RPH002
 Research Interests:Thermoelectric, Transparent conducting oxide
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Anup Sanchela
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Ajay Thakur, IIT-Patna
14  Name: Krina M. Patel
 Roll No:22RPH001
 Research interests:perovskite solar cell
 Supervisor 1 : Dr. Manoj Kumar
 Supervisor 2 : Dr. Pankaj Yadav




Upcoming Events
Sr. No. Name of the Event Webinar/Talk Date Coordinators/Speakers
1 The invention of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) Webinar 30 March 2021 Dr. Anup Sanchela
2 Science Innovations: PDEU Way Webinar April 25, 2021 Physics, Chemistry and Maths department
3 Climate Change: Vital Signs of the PLANET Webinar May 8, 2021 Physics, Chemistry and Maths department
4 Emerging Facets of Materials Talk 29 May 2021 Dr. Ankur Solanki, Dr. Prahlad Baruah
5 Lecture Series on Astrophysics Webinar 19th June, 2021 Dr. Sheetal Rawat, Dr. Prahlad Baruah and Abhishek Gor
6 PDEU: A place for deep diving into Science Webinar 20 June 2021 Physics, Chemistry and Maths department
7 Workshop on Advanced Physics of Emergent Materials and Electronic Devices– 2021 (WAPEMED-21) Workshop 21-23 June 2021 Dr. Ankur Solanki, Dr. Sheetal Rawat, Dr. Prahlad Baruah, Dr. Brijesh Tripathi, Dr. Anup Sanchela
8 Emerging research opportunities@Department of physics, PDEU Talk 25 June 2021 Dr. Rohit Srivastava & Dr. Bala Murali Mayya
9 Mechanics of Superconductivity Webinar 1 July 2021 Dr. Anup Sanchela
10 International Conference on Condensed Matter and Device Physics (ICCMDP-2021) International Conference 11-13 Sep, 2021 Department of Physics
11 International Symposium on Materials of the Millennium: Emerging Trends and Future Prospects (MMETFP-2021) International Conference 19-21 Nov, 2021 Department of Chemistry and Physics
12 Measurement of Magnetic Properties of the Materials using PPMS Webinar 13th November, 2021 Speaker: Dr. Dinesh Kumar Dixit; Convenor: Dr. Anup Sanchela; Department of Physics