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To emerge as a world class Institution of Excellence in Energy Education, Research and Innovation which will prepare and sensitize the youth and ultimately the society for radical yet sustainable societal transformation.


Undertake unique obligation for Education in Energy and Engineering with special responsibilities in domain specific aspects of Energy & Infrastructure.
Seek to nurture students of extraordinary motivation and ability and prepare them for life-long learning and leadership in an increasingly knowledge driven world.
Envisage to establish Departments for excellent education, cutting edge research and training by offering programmes, to address futuristic needs.


  • To provide formal educational programmes leading to Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Oil & Gas Technology and allied areas.
  • To develop and evolve new degree and diploma programmes in response to the needs of industry.
  • To manage the content, design and continuous innovation of its programme offering in a manner that earns accreditation of international status.
  • To provide certificate programmes that serve the on-going needs of practicing professionals for continuing education in the frontiers of oil, gas and petrochemical technology.
  • To operate as an educational and research hub that interconnects with regional and international practitioners in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and with international partners in education.
  • To provide customized programmes that bridge the gaps between knowledge prerequisite of field and academic inputs for pursuing the domain specific engineering graduate and post-graduate curricula.
  • To promote strong, effective and mutually beneficial Industry-University Partnership.
  • To provide transparent, speedy, result-oriented and student-centred e-governance.


"Inspiring Students to prepare them for life-long learning and leadership in an increasingly knowledge and technology driven world."