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  • To design and develop energy efficient, environment friendly and industrially viable techniques for biofuel production.
  • To develop characterization and world class testing facility.
  • Activity centre for social awareness among mass (Rural & Urban).


Focus Areas:
Renewable Energy Development

  • Process optimization studies for biofuel production techniques.
  • To develop new catalyst and new co-solvent for efficient biofuel production.
  • To identify non-edible oil and other raw material sources for biodiesel production.
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manual.

Bio-Diversity Studies
Socio-Economic Studies


Major Research Areas of the Centre:
This project has tremendous benefits in reference to enhance small scale entrepreneurship esp. in biodiesel production.  It will also help to promote, popularize and commercialize the production of multi feed stock derived biodiesel and its utilization in diesel engines and stationary diesel sets. Thus reducing our nation’s dependency on imported fossil diesel fuel. This will help in increasing sense of security in energy sector. It will help in reduction in health care costs due to improved air quality and greenhouse gas mitigation and increased number of production and distribution jobs can be created. This will help in developing decentralized energy systems which are suitable for rural electrification.

This project will focus on development of a state of art energy efficient biodiesel reactor unit capable of producing biodiesel from multi feed stocks which are easily available in our country.

PDEU has expertise in designing of energy efficient biodiesel processes and  innovative designs of proposed biodiesel processing techniques will be developed by the research group.

Limited awareness is there in society regarding production and uses of biodiesel. The efforts will be made to create awareness among the society for the use of biodiesel as well as biofuels. Professional experts and students from academia /industry and research organizations will be invited to attend workshop/seminar/conferences and theme lectures on biodiesel and biofuel production.

Engineering and Trial run plants:
The extensive trial run will be conducted on biodiesel processing units to evaluate its working and optimization of various process parameters.


Expected Outcomes with associated timelines of the Centre:

  • State of art biofuel production and testing centre will be established.
  • Technology development for small to medium scale reactors for biofuel production using advanced technologies such as ultrasound, microwave, hydrodynamic cavitation, supercritical methanol, etc.
  • To create centre of Excellence (CoE) for attracting young professionals, research scholars and entrepreneurs in the area of biofuels and develop the skilled manpower.
  • Centre will conduct short term courses and training programs for social awareness. Centre will assist government agencies to frame policy making decisions.