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GSPC Group

The world over the energy sector is undergoing major changes, most of which are demographical as well as geographical. The GSPC group is fully aware of the changing profile in the power business and has evolved strategically as a multidimensional, highly integrated conglomerate and a leading energy enterprise. The group spearheads the energy business in the State of Gujarat and works relentlessly in its key endeavour of developing the state into a futuristic power based economy. It is on the basis of this premise that GSPC Group has further expanded into seven associate companies.

Over the last few years, the GSPC Group has characteristically been responsible for several milestones in the hydrocarbon sector and has successfully redefined the E & P (Exploration and Production) scenario in the country.

Early exploration and a broad vision helped the group gain a unique advantage in an increasingly competitive and complex energy market. The advent of Natural Gas discovery and its recognition as an efficient, economical and environment friendly energy source further fueled the need for the group to be committed to the cause of its promotion within existing networks.

Emerging technologies, proactive investments, absorption of new age techniques and a sound management have ensured a firm foundation for not only E & P, but also gas production and transportation.

Ideas, values, strategic and speedy planning and effectiveness are further encouraged in all operations and investments that have led the group from being a maverick company to the powerhouse it is today.

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