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Prof. Dhaval Pujara
School of Technology

Director's Message

Technology is and will be the main driver for growth in this decade. The School of Technology (SOT), the youngest among the various Schools of PDEU was set up with the vision of being the leading centre of innovation and learning in the emerging areas of the Knowledge society. The school focuses on emerging areas of technology and management as the engine for growth through innovation. The school is dedicated to build great careers and ensuring exceptional job opportunities for its students. SOT has seen phenomenal growth inthe last twelve years. The School today offers eight undergraduate programs in engineering streams, three undergraduate programs in Sciences, fourteen post-graduate programs in engineering, and three post-graduate programs in sciences,and more than 188 Ph.D. scholars working in various disciplines for research degrees.

The school is now embarking on a path of fostering career-building by creating opportunities that demand learning, thinking, and innovation from each one of us and therefore contribute to the process of building INDIA. We recognize that embarking on this path means taking risks and making mistakes as it contributes to the learning, innovation, and growth of each one of us. To that end, we are committed to delivering the best, being seen as the best, and being the best.

The school house Centres of Excellence such as the Automotive Centre of Excellence supported by Siemens and Centre for Biofuel and Bioenergy Studies(CBBS) supported by the Government of Gujarat through the Gujarat Energy Development Authority(GEDA) andthe International Automobile Centre of Excellence (IACE) supported by Government of Gujarat and Maruti Suzuki Limited and Centre of Excellence In Water Treatment and Waste Water Management (India H2O) supported by Department of Biotechnology(DBT)-Ministry of Science and Technology GOI, Department of Science & Technology(DST)

SOT takes pride in having professional associations of students and faculty members to support value-added activities viz., workshops, conferences, expert lectures, and many other events. Green Brigade, energy audit group, automotive club, and several other groups work for the betterment of society. The number of events taking place at SOT is a pointer to the capabilities of the school and indicates the new direction we have embarked upon.

We take this opportunity to invite you to be a partner in our journey to build this school and make it a leading technology school in the world.